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Tri-chromaleane - Now in 90 Capsule bottle .

Tri-chromaleane -  Now in 90 Capsule bottle .
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This is the original Achievers formula with Ephedra, Guarana, and Chromium Picolinate. Capsules are designed to burn fat by increasing metabolism and energy.

Lose 5 to 10 pounds in 3 days with TRICHROMALEANE. A natural way to.....
· Lose fat
· Increase lean muscle
· Have increased energy
· Curb the cravings
· Lower cholesterol
The typical American diet is far too high in fat. In 1960, fat contributed 25% of calories consumed. Today this figure has reached 38%! It is no accident that the average body and obesity have risen concurrently.
Because of this rise, Americans have spent millions of dollars over the past 10 years searching for some type of magical cure or answer to their problem. And until now there has been no proven formula or ingredient to combat the battle against fat. Recent studies have shown that the nutrient CHROMIUM PICOLINATE promotes a leaner, firmer physique by reducing body fat while helping to build and retain lean muscle. These remarkable benefits are optimized when dietary fat is kept to a minimum.
· Reduce dietary fat intake to less than 20% of daily calories
· Emphasize High fiber foods
· Get regular exercise
· Supplement with TRICHROMLEANE
TRICHROMALEANE dietary supplement is a safe and natural component to an overall strategy for long term weight control. Used with a low-fat, fiber rich diet and regular exercise, TRICHROMALEANE will help you achieve a firmer leaner physique.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Dave Meredith Sr
    I have been using Tri C for about ten years now and I have found nothing else that compares to it. It is the best for an appetite curb as well as the energy boost, and I am confident it does burn the fat off, especially with good cardio exercise.
  • Author: Jeri Boardman
    I have been taking Tri chromaleane since 1993. There is no other product that works like this one!
  • Author: Unknown
  • Author: Carl Scruggs (carlscruggs77@aol.com)
    I've been taking tri-C for 12 years and it is truly a miracle pill.
  • Author: Ginger Davis (ginger.lynn4@yahoo.com)
    I have just ordered. I used Tri-C in the early 90's. It was removed from the market. We will see if this is the same product.